Stripping You Bare

Why you do, not what you do

Before you can build a new brand, we need to get back to what made you want to start your business in the first place. Why you do, not what you do.

We need to expose your vulnerabilities. Is there a process?
Yes, there is. It’s called Stripping You Bare.

Free Brand Workshop

At Bareface, we don’t believe your branding brief. Sorry, we just don’t. It may be a useful reference, but we need to go way beyond mere paperwork. Our Stripping You Bare workshop will help you to do just that. We are offering Stripping It Bare sessions, completely free of charge, to set you on your way to a brand new brand.

What is Stripping You Bare?

A Stripping You Bare session lasts one half-day. Hosted at a neutral venue, it breaks down into a series of practical exercises specifically devised to remove layers of brand clutter and get your team really emoting about your company and its brand. We go beyond red tape, bypassing internal bureaucracy and getting right between the lines of your brief.

Who gets involved?

Stripping You Bare sessions are typically facilitated by two Bareface executives. As far as you are concerned, bring no more than eight people. Try and make sure there is a broad mix of stakeholders – business owners, senior people, interns, clients, suppliers. These sessions work best when opinions come from a range of perspectives.

What are these exercises?

We obviously don’t want to give too much away here. Part of the unique impact of Stripping You Bare is the element of surprise! The point of the exercises are to get you thinking about your company and its brand freely, without internal pressures getting in the way. Branding is a journey, not a destination. These exercises are about plotting that journey.

What happens then?

After the workshop is completed we will prepare and deliver a detailed findings document outlining the days activities. This document will suggest a path to your new brand and how you might act upon it. At Bareface, we are SME branding experts and we can take you right the way through to delivery. There’s no obligation to use us after the session but we’d hope, by that point, you’d want to look no further.

Hello Bareface. Strip me bare.

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